I'm a tattooed, blue-haired mom dealing with mental health stigma: do I need to tone down my look?

I'm a tattooed mom with blue hair who loves her family and teenage kids and live in a home full of love. Recently we've been working through challenges relating to mental illness — minor but requiring therapy and medication. I've lost some friends over it, people who could overlook the superficial style stuff, until it seemed less superficial.

My wardrobe has toned down a LOT in the six years we've lived here — but should I go back to being a brunette who tends to stick with long sleeves in the summer for the sake of my teen daughters?


How can I wear my baby at Renaissance Fest without clashing with my ensemble?

The Renaissance Fest in my state is happening soon and a group of us are road tripping to spend a weekend there with the kidlets. I have my costumes all picked out, but I have no clue what to do with my toddler. We are a babywearing family, so I'd love to wear her, but I'm pretty (selfishly) concerned about the aesthetic of the Ergo with my corset. I'm also wondering… what would a one-year-old wear to Renaissance Fest anyways?

Celebrating mama sneaker fiends

So what exactly are the highs and lows of combining an obsession for kicks with the responsibilities of parenthood? One of the sweetest highlights is sharing a passion with your kids. As Annie explains it, "It's great to see my girls find their own love and joy for sneakers. Their reactions to new sneakers are really the true embodiment of how happy I feel with a dope pair of sneakers, and they don't hold back!"