A hand-embellished retro future apartment on the market in New York

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Photos courtesy StreetEasy.com

New York City has a new apartment on the market: $1.75 million gets you this retro/future apartment, complete with a 32-foot submarine in the ceiling. The listing doesn’t call it steampunk, but the Daily Mail informs us that “Steam Punks” are expected to snap up the listing.

32-year-old welder Jeremy Noritz make a lot of the apartment’s accouterments, including turning wrenches into cabinet handles.

Read up — or learn when to catch an open house — at StreetEasy. And thank you, Beckie, for sending this to me!

Comments on A hand-embellished retro future apartment on the market in New York

  1. I am thinking dirigible too. Very cool, though it seems like a person would want to do this themselves, rather than move into someone’s pre-visioned space. Maybe that’s just me, though.

    • I totally agree, I’ve always wondered why people buy very indivdualised custom cars as well. But I guess there are those out there that don’t have the time or skills to do this themselves. If money was no object i’d have it. 🙂

  2. This space is AMAZING. I want that kitchen! And I’m not even a Steampunk!

    It will be sad if the next owner buys it only for the location or the size and then rips out all the decoration. Let’s hope there’s some rich Streampunks out there eyeballing this!

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