Let’s talk about small backs and big racks

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finding wedding undergarments when youre small with huge boobs

Over on Offbeat Bride we’re talking about boobs! I’m a 32DD, which means I am a petite chick with a mighty big rack, which means that bra shopping pretty much sucks. So I’ve learned a lot of tricks shopping for the rare and elusive “big rack, small back” support systems.

First of all, the thing I’ve learned time and time again about bra shopping for uncommon sizes is that you’re going to have to pay some big bucks. And it’s next to impossible to find bras with large cup sizes that don’t look like grandma bras (in that they cover the ENTIRE boob in a way that makes wearing V-necks really awkward).

I shared some of my undergarment tips for those of us who can’t buy off-the-rack sizes, wanna join the conversation and leave some tips of your own?

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  1. I’m not sure there are any secret tricks. As in, i still have to meet a decent sized department store where i can find any in-decent underwear in my size (30G). I have found peace in buying all underwear online.
    I do however make an effort out of supporting bracompanies that focus solely or primarily on larger cup-sizes. After all, if they go out of business i’m screwed.

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