A skull-themed bathroom with surprising storage ideas

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Offbeat Homie T’Rina shared with us her colorful and skull-tastic bathroom that includes this amazing flaming heart painting and mini skull mobile(!). Offbeat Mamas: how cool would this be for a baby mobile? Or would it freak a baby out? I don’t know babies. But I know cool mobiles. And this is one.

Also of note, Trina is using a hanging shoe organizer as extra medicine cabinet-like storage. I spy a toothbrush (excellent way to clear up counter space!) AND an inhaler (asthma pride!).

But the surprising storage elements and awesome skull art don’t stop there…

Here’s another skull-filled painting (if you look up-close it’s glittery!) along with a self portrait.

These countertop moments could be awesome for a goth bathroom. T’Rina uses a wrought iron cake rack for hand towels, and a glass skull holds air freshener on one side of the sink. On the other side, a wrought iron paper towel holder is used to stack bracelets, peaking up behind pretty crystal and silver storage items.

Finally, we’ve showed you a ton of great ways to store your jewelry, but have you thought about just decorating an entire wall with your accessories? The addition of the embroidered sugar skulls on the wall also top off the skull-themed goodness.

Thanks for uploading your awesome bathroom decor to our Flickr pool, T’Rina. If YOU have a space you want to share with us, we’d love to see it!

Comments on A skull-themed bathroom with surprising storage ideas

  1. That skull mobile is awesome!

    I use the wall beside my dresser for my necklaces the same way. Lots of hooks. It keeps everything untangled and it helps with accessorizing – you can just look and know what will work!

  2. OK, this has been a hard day (cortisone shots hurt) and 1st of the month shopping hell and I come home and veg out and what do I find on my all time favorite site? My Bathroom!!!!!
    Thank you for totally making my day

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