How we used silly string to reveal our baby’s sex

Guest post by Amalaa

We know lots of you don’t like to find out your unborn baby’s sex (see also: Did you compromise with your partner on finding out your baby’s sex? and Finding out the sex of your baby: pros and cons), but for those planning to find out, here’s one fun idea for the big reveal…

All photos by Amalaa
If you’ve heard of gender reveal parties, you probably know how they go — people usually use colored cake or balloons to reveal the sex of their baby to family and friends. When it came to our own baby, I wasn’t as interested in having an actual party as much as I wanted a fun way to find out the news. That’s right — we had our party without even knowing ahead of time if we were having a boy or a girl!

We bought 72 cans of silly string in advance (some blue, some pink). A friend came over the day of our ultrasound and got the TOP SECRET envelope — we had no idea what the result of the ultrasound was! She exchanged all of the wrong colors of silly string for the right ones, and wrapped all the cans in paper and removed the lids so no one would find out ahead of time.

We had to wait three days to find out… and here’s how the reveal went!

It’s a GIRL!
We were covered!
Happy, happy.

We were SO HAPPY with our party — we have the best group of family and friends around us. If you found out your baby’s sex before the birth, how did you share it with family and friends?

Comments on How we used silly string to reveal our baby’s sex

  1. That’s a really cute idea! I know I want to know the gender beforehand, but didn’t think about finding out at a party with friends and family..Might have to consider that. 🙂 The silly string looks like a fun way to do it too. Also, congrats!

  2. You know all those shows with some spider like villain who sprays its victim to the wall to keep for awhile (the most recent example I can think of is in Heroes season 3 when Mohinder goes all creepy/transformative) ? yeah being sprayed with all that silly string felt like that!

    It was a really fun way to find out!

  3. Gender reveal parties aren’t a thing in Australia, at least in my circles. But I do think it’s fun to tell people what you’re having. So, after letting our close friends and family know on the phone, I took to Facebook to spread the word that we were expecting a bouncing baby… giraffe! Then I shared a “just kidding” with a link to this video clip to clear things up:
    It was totally cheesy and totally awesome.

    • oh my goodness… I almost felt as if I got Rick Rolled with that clip!

      Also at least here in Southern California it seems everyone has these parties but usually with more party like things including thank-you goody bags. I did it only because I thought it would be a fun way to find out and build up the anticipation. Also with my first pregnancy I had nothing done because I was placing her for adoption, so it seems I’m over compensating this time around! lol

    • I’m in the US and I’d never heard of “gender reveal” parties until I got pregnant and started looking at parenting blogs. All of my friends just told people “we’re having a girl (or boy)”.

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