A pin-up and pregnant Rosie the Riveter-inspired maternity session

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Ooh, y’all. This maternity session is now one of my all-time favorites, and it all comes down to this photo and its completely perfect caption:

All photos by Vida La Vida Photography.

Jessica from Riverside, CA-based Vida La Vida Photography has been regularly featured on Offbeat Mama, so you’re sure to recognize her signature style. She recently shot these maternity photos of her sister, who was inspired by the pregnant Rosie the Riveter image and pin-up shots.

Look at that gigantic blue flower hair accessory! I'd go back to being pregnant if I could be this badass about it.

I am absolutely over the MOON about this vintage-inspired number. The best part? The matching flower, lipstick, and bird.

Hand-decorated onsies? CUTE!

What am I doing right now? Oh, you know. Just hanging up the laundry, being pregnant and beautiful.
Most definitely a very fantastic family portrait diptych.

You can see MORE of these shots at Vida La Vida’s blog: here’s post one and two. As always, photogs and parents alike: drop your kickass photos in our Flickr pool to get them on the site!

Comments on A pin-up and pregnant Rosie the Riveter-inspired maternity session

  1. Can we be best friends and trade clothes? Ok, more like can I just have your wardrobe? I WANT/COVET/NEED/LOVE it! Hell, I love every single shot. Your style is EXACTLY what I am in love with! Oh, and did I spot a Misfits shirt/onesie in there too??? My boyfriend would flip his lid over it!

    • The baby clothes came from either Target or Babies R Us. They were my sons when he was a baby {almost 2 years ago :'(} and I used them as a prop.

      Thanks everybody for the awesome feedback! It makes me happy 🙂

        • None of these are pregnancy clothes surprisingly! Most of them were plus size. We had to pin some of the shirts but for the most part everything fit great. The shirt on the last picture is from Civilian Press and the black dress with the red swallows is from Rock Steady Clothing. Im glad you guys liked them!

  2. I love the silly family photo. Everyone’s personality really shines through (and it’s also sweet that Jessica is holding her son’s hand in this shot).

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