DIY you’re gonna want to try: an ocean-themed sensory bin

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Photo by Michelle.

Michelle at Mrs. Dimwell came up with this super cute ocean-themed sensory bin for her two-year-old son. The idea behind it is Montessori-inspired, but even if you’re not interested in Montessori methods, who doesn’t love playing in a bucket filled with rice?

What you need

  • old storage bin
  • bag of store-brand white rice
  • a few rocks
  • some shiny blue glass “rocks” from the craft store flower arranging section
  • this little package of ocean animals — stuffed whale is from the Target dollar spot

There are more details at Michelle’s site!

Comments on DIY you’re gonna want to try: an ocean-themed sensory bin

  1. Awesome! I loves me some Montessori. Any information on the age-appropriateness of sensory bins, or how to adapt them for different ages?

  2. Man. As offbeat as I might be, imagining children throwing rice around provoked the strongest urge to reach inside my computer and grab their hands and stop them.

    • I know, right? That’s my instinct, too. I’ve worked with kids using sensory bins, though, and they are surprisingly chill about it (usually!). With any luck, they are interested enough in the sensory experiences that they forget to make a mess. ( :

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