Find Redbox movies ranked by Rotten Tomatoes scores

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Photo by Valerie Everett. Remixed under Creative Commons license.

You might have heard of Redbox, a popular movie rental kiosk located in stores around many towns. They rent movies for $1 and can be either pre-ordered online or selected right at the kiosk. You may also have heard of a website called, which scores movies based on user and critic reviews. But what you may not have heard of yet is a nifty little application called, that mashes up both of these tools. It tracks local Redbox kiosks in your area on a map and then ranks the movies available by the Rotten Tomatoes score. The Rotten Tomatoes scores may not be the perfect way to evaluate films, but they are handy when you don’t have any background information.

Here’s a peek at the interface, which is super usable and clean:

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Just enter your ZIP code, click the nearest location, and you’re ready to either pick your movie with a little help from the reviewing community at large or watch it on Amazon, as each film also has a link to its spot on Amazon Instant Video. Plus, Redbox tweeted about it!)

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