The Baby-sitters Club: where are they now?

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Photo by Rachel, used under Creative Commons license.
From the moment I first read The Baby-Sitters Club #1: Kristy’s Great Idea what seems like a zillion years ago, I was hooked. I devoured the BSC books, reading all about Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Dawn, Mallory, and Jesse: back before I had “girls,” these ladies were my girls. So I pretty much happily squealed and shrieked when I found this article discussing the likely present-day whereabouts of the club members (you know, if they were real):

Well obviously Kristy is a lesbian. She and her partner, Tori, started up a gay softball league when they moved to Baltimore in 1999, which Kristy coaches. Reminds her of her old days with The Krushers! I guess now we know how she really felt about Bart.

Tori and Kristy met while doing Teach for America. Kristy is active in the Baltimore public school system where she works in administrative policy.

Kristy reconnected briefly with her estranged father, Michael, who owns a small bar and grill just outside Boston. She stopped communication with him after learning that he had borrowed money from Kristy’s brother Sam, which he said he needed for an operation. He then squandered the money and never paid Sam back.

Tori works at Archiver’s and is forever trying to get Kristy more involved in her scrapbooking.

You can read more (because I know SOME of y’all are curious!) over at The Hairpin.

Comments on The Baby-sitters Club: where are they now?

  1. Best thing ever. Thank you! I was such a die hard BSC fangirl- my mother hated those books and always wanted me to read something ‘decently written’ but I devoured them. I tried to give them to my little sister, but she never developed an interest.

  2. An amusing piece, but those are not the futures I would have imagined for some of the BSC members if I had every considered it. It would have been cool if the Baby Sitters Little Sisters characters were included more. Karen gets a passing mention as the founder of a “very successful NPO, Third World Vision, which takes old donated eyeglasses and gets them to patients in impoverished countries” but how did she get there and what is her life like?

    I loved those books when I was younger and would always order them from the scholastic book club each month and eagerly await the next one. The “super special” books that were written from more than one character’s perspective and were extra long were my favorites. My friends and I would sometimes have reading contests to see who could read the most pages of a BSC book in a set amount of time.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this “where are they now” story, as I was a big fan of the BSC books and the Karen series when I was growing up. I like that Claudia became a graphic designer (she was my fave) and cracked up about the comment about Mary-Anne not knowing how to use the Internet. It’s also interesting to see how Karen turned out too, and I don’t find too terribly surprising that her career revolves around eyeglasses.

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