Let’s drool over vintage-inspired pet products

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ORE Pet Lucky Diner Bowl
I’m constantly virtually shopping. I freaked out when I discovered a wonderful world of vintage-style pet products! Starting with this retro ceramic dog bowl.

Even cooler dog AND cat bowls await, along with toys that just cracked my shit up, AND pet-specific home decor items as a special treat for you pet owners.

Pet Vintage Parisian Bowl - Meilleur Ami
At six inches by two inches, this little bowl is perfect for your petite meilleure amie.

Shadow Cat Pet BowlThis lightweight ivory melamine bowl features an adorable cat print in “dusty mocha,” and I LOVE it.

vintage dog bowlDon’t worry dog-owners, the retro shadow bowl comes in dog too.

Vintage Copper Square Dish for PetsThis copper cat dish looks pretty enough to leave out on the kitchen counter (where he eats) and not look uggo.

Speak Eco Rubber Pet Mat
The WOOF mat is perfect to place under your pet’s dish and keep the floor spotless.

vintage dog treat jarWith a vintage print on the front, this ceramic treat jar is awesome enough to display on your counter.

Melrose Milk And Butter Treat TinOf course, I’m more partial to this metal treat container with an antiqued galvanized finish and a vintage-inspired label.

recycled canvas dog toyDesigned in sturdy cotton, this dog toy is filled with recycled cotton canvas and features a kitschy vintage-looking print, crafted in lead-free ink with an internal squeaker.

doggy bow tieYou could make your pet fashionable as well with this Vintage Pink Gingham Bow Tie Collar Accessory.

Vintage Ruffle Pet CollarOh man, I want this one for my big mutt. Awww.

But seriously, give either yourself or your pet a treat!

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