A Portal-themed bedroom and a message board you pet to use in this week's Monday Montage

October 24 2011 |

Hellllllllo, Offbeat Homies! Let's get the week going with a look at what's been going on with photos from Pinterest and things we've pinned via the Offbeat Home Pinterest account.

The Spider Caught a Fly
Fabulously creepy door caught by Sister72. Used under Creative Commons license.

Autumn offerings
Pull up a stool! Now on tap at Kisså's Turret.
Taking a bath
Brookes is working without running water at the moment.
An egg from R▲m • n▲h.
Mareike has a whole 'nother REALLY BRIGHT ROOM!
And finally, a product I found on Pinterest: a furry wall message board. You write by petting it. Great for burners, yeah? Source: arcademi.com via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

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  1. That is the best door EVAR!

    And I am so going to make a portal-themed bedroom. The shapes and style would be so easy…

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