Rainbow house ideas: inspirations for adding color like WHOA

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How many ways can we find to put a rainbow on it (and by “it” I mean “your home”) in two minutes?

Ready? GO!

1: Mix up your dining room set

 Kartell Lizz Chairs

Kartell Lizz Chairs

2. Or mix up your dining table


3: Pretty up the keys

HDE Metallic Finish Silicone Rubber Keyboard Skin for MacBook and MacBook Pro (Rainbow)
HDE Metallic Finish Silicone Rubber Keyboard Skin for MacBook and MacBook Pro (Rainbow)

4: Put this over your bed

Tie Dye-licious Rainbow Canopy, Fits Most Bed Sizes
Tie Dye-licious Rainbow Canopy, Fits Most Bed Sizes

5: Quilt!

Happy Stash Quilts Robin's Rainbow quilt pattern
Happy Stash Quilts Robin’s Rainbow quilt pattern

6: Color your steps

Photos courtesy of Jim Lambie

7: Bathe in it

Rainbow showerhead
Rainbow showerhead

8: Keep looking up

rainbow ceiling

9: Book it

bookshelf spectrum, revisited

10: Use crayons. Make art.

Finished canvas with frame

11: Stoke the flames with it

12: Cut it up

Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set
Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set


6 Piece Rainbow Sheer Window Panel Curtains
6 Piece Rainbow Sheer Window Panel Curtains

Thirteen! We can find thirteen ways to put a rainbow on it in two minutes. That was fun! See more of our finds in our rainbow tag.

Comments on Rainbow house ideas: inspirations for adding color like WHOA

  1. Ahhhh! Should not have seen this! I think if I had my way my entire house would be in rainbows. And black. Black and rainbows.

    Or it’d be like my Sim houses where each room is a different colour (and I have on occasion arranged them as a rainbow). I’m not sure it really has the same effect when you’re not getting an overheard view though.

  2. Soooo… doing all of these things. Overkill or awesome? Haha–I wish I had a little row house like this to rainbow up. Though I’d probably go more conservative and just do, like a grey house with four stripes around the middle for CMYK or something.

  3. O_O
    I must have all of these… too bad I live in a dorm room, the painting isn’t too much an option for me. I could go for the blinds though. Living on the ground floor means they’re almost always down anyway (too many creepers on campus looking in the windows).

    • if your dorm room already has blinds – use vinyl to dress them up in rainbows! a little time intensive, but it won’t damage anything & it’ll last a good long time till you need to take them off.

  4. We went super-bright + multicoloured in our kitchen, since our new-build apartment is soul-suckingly white + beige.
    It started when the kettle we liked came in a gorgeous grape colour, so we got the toaster + microwave to match.
    Then we added a rainbow JosephJoseph nesting bowl set, a purple Pantone oven glove and 4 (so far) Pantone mugs 🙂

  5. I did some melty rainbow crayon art a couple weeks ago and now it’s hanging over our mantle – people really love it! I’m experimenting with some other crayon melty stuff over a pink Darth Vader I painted. 🙂
    This gives me many ideas of things I can do to brighten up my rental townhouse! I love rainbows. We have really awful vinyl blinds over the door to our porch that are all beat-up and gross with missing pieces – perhaps something like this could be the perfect prescription for making them more awesome!

  6. Incidentally can I just say I love the idea of painting radiators in general?

    It’s always kind of bothered me that relatively few people do anything with them. Most are relatively big, imovable and at least when they’re in use you can’t cover them up so it seems to me the logical thing to do is to turn it into a feature. But most houses I’ve been in they’re either painted to blend in to the wall, which never really works, or left as this big white thing in the middle of the wall.

  7. My house is rainbow-y! Red master bedroom, kitchen to be orangey-yellow when we get it painted, buttery yellow guest room, pale green living room/dining room/hallway, blue study, purple master bathroom. Color for the other bathroom is to be determined, but it has to somehow go with the oranges on the sushi shower curtain. (Suggestions welcome!) Standing in the middle of the house and seeing hints of color behind every door makes me gleeful. (I’ll hopefully get some pictures in the Flickr pool once we get it all finished. It’s still very much a work in process!)

    Also, painting closets a different color from the rest of the room? Pretty fabulous. It was sort of an accident at first, when the white paint my mother gave me turned out to be pale blue, but I love it. The red room has a steel grey closet. Still one more to do – maybe leftover purple from the bathroom? Hmmmm.

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