Pervertible: my exercise equipment’s sexy secret use

Guest post by Ms. Elizabeth


Oh lord, I hope my father never reads this post, or else he’ll find out that he gave my partner our favorite pervertible without even knowing it.

See, my partner and I discovered that this gifted and mostly unused chin-up bar, is actually an incredibly useful bedroom device. It’s called the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar and whoo boy is it EVER a “total body” workout, if you know what I mean.

How? Well, use your imagination…

  • It’s like having a swing attached to the ceiling, without having to install an ACTUAL swing on your ceiling.
  • For the BDSM crowd, this little thing is perfect for tying up your partner in a standing position for whippings and all kinds of fun teasing.
  • For the couples that wanna do it standing up in all sorts of positions, this thing helps you get leverage.
  • You can lift yourself up and put all your weight on your partner, without actually putting ALL your weight on your partner.
  • Your guests will never know that the chin-up bar hanging in the door frame is giving you guys a workout… in a different way.

UPDATED TO ADD: click here for stick-figure illustrations.

And to top it all off, it actually is a great workout! Oh, and these chin-up bars come in all shapes and sizes for all door frames, and they don’t have to be screwed-in to be screwed on (instant rimshot).

So, tell me, what are YOUR favorite innocuous items that do double-duties?

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  1. My dad has acid reflux and had a wedge shaped pillow to help with it. He decided he didn’t want it anymore and DH clinged onto it because he likes sleeping a little elevated. But if you put your bum on the fat part of the wedge…

    • Word. My mom got me a wedge pillow in college so I’d have something to lean against while I studied on my dorm bed. I fucked so much over that thing that after awhile I felt really uncomfortable if visitors came and used it as an actual pillow.

      • Oh lord, yeah. Dad asked me once if DH enjoyed sleeping on it and I think I turned crimson when I replied in the affirmative.

        • This looks amazing, both for pregnancy-related heartburn and other pregnancy-related positioning awkwardness!

  2. But… how… I’m failing to visualize how it’s being used, I think. With it at the top of a doorframe, you’d have to have a fair bit of arm strength, right? I NEED DIAGRAMS. Hahaha.

    Anyway, the term the BSDM crowd would use here is “pervertibles”–items which seem innocuous to visitors but which have wholly naughty uses for their owners.

    A word to the wise: sanitize. Items which have SFW uses occasionally get picked up and used by your guests. And, oh God, the awkwardness is unbearable.

      • And there is nothing wrong with using the term “BDSM”. When I saw the article, I fell over laughing because I had some friends who use it when they tied people up or flogging….it’s a great piece of equipment…now to find one for myself.

    • Can I second the need for diagrams… πŸ™‚
      I’m pretty sure we have one of these floating around the storage area somewhere…ideas ideas

      • Totally NSFW here…:

        This isn’t a diagram, but I image-googled the bar and saw some pretty interesting poses that they use for workouts… just imagine yourself in one of those poses holding on while he does his thing…

        that’s my *jaw dropper* one.

        • OMG. I just emailed Ms. Elizabeth and asked her to do a stick figure diagram, for my own entertainment as much as for illustrative purposes. Hopefully it’ll be coming soon….

          • Stick figure illustrations of concepts mentioned in this article:

            (Ms. Elizabeth sent her own renditions, but admitted that her drawings were so bad that it was hard to tell what was going on. She, uh, wasn’t wrong, so these are my interpretations of her original sketches. I LOVE MY JOB.)

  3. I love it! Now I want one. My husband and I are lovers of wine and we had quite a bit of fun using a suctioned wine stopper. We also enjoy going into kitchen shops, ikea, whatever, and finding pervertibles. I love that word. I feel complete having a name for these things!

  4. I now have a word to describe all of my items! I agree with Samantha…I now feel complete!!! I actually wasn’t sure if there were that many people who used normal items for other (*wink wink*) uses.

    I have found my people. Offbeat Community FTW.

  5. My fiance and I use out antique hat/coat stand near the door for the same reason. :p Sometimes the vaccuum too.

  6. I have an OM Gym that is intended for doing yoga inversions but is totally perfect for anti-gravity sex. Ottomans and physio-balls are fun too.

    I like that pervertables could be anything, like clothespins, candles, feather dusters. Seemingly innocuous items can have a whole kinky life of their own. I’ll never look at a spatula the same again!

    • The OmGym 0_0 .. the possibilities .. dedicated suspension equipment can be so much more expensive than this, and hella obvious, want it. I’m sure people wonder why I have metres upon metres of red 6 and 8mm thick rope when I forget to put it away :P.

      Pervertibles, mine tend to come from the kitchen, and hardware stores (as per my rope).

    • ‘Students at all levels discover the “sweet spot” in challenging poses, conquer fears and overcome boundaries, while playfully discovering total body happinessβ„’.’

      They should just add a wink after that.

  7. Rob, clothes pins are a yes, haha, our house mates have no idea. πŸ˜‰

    I got the craziest wild grin on my face when I saw this post. I have had one of these for years, and unfortunately our current house has very weird door frames. Our new one however, will be much beter. For its originally intended purposes, it is great, and I just can’t believe I never thought to use it in this wonderful way!

    The instructions also suggest using it on the floor for push-ups or dips, hmm, time to work on the ‘pervertible’ version of that….

  8. We use mechanical tootbrushes. Gotta be extra careful where you leave them though!

      • OMG. I so thought I was the only person in the world…yay for pervertibles. :)and different heads are absolutely key.

    • Haha, once, when I was backpacking through Europe, I was about to brush my teeth, and so I pulled out my electric toothbrush. My friend sees it and exclaims, “I thought you said you didn’t bring your vibrator, you dirty girl!” I was honestly baffled.

  9. We have this enormous walk-in closet in our bedroom. This closet has its own ceiling light and switch and two heavy duty, bolted-in metal shelves with horizontal bars for hanging clothes.

    One shelf is exactly the right height for being tied to while kneeling and also for sitting on. The other is exactly the right height for being tied to while standing or sitting on the first shelf.

    Much joy has come from this closet. I am going to miss it very much.

  10. Awesome!! I have nothing to add; I just wanted to comment so I can have everyone’s future comments emailed to me. πŸ™‚

  11. I am so damn glad that someone posted this! EVERY TIME I see an ad for it on TV I turn to my S-O and our roommates (We’re all on the BDSM curve someplace.. and various spots on the gay/straight curve as well.. huh, my ousehold is kinky….anyway) Every time an ad for one of these come on tv we all look at each other and say things that sum up to “They HAVE to know that these aren’t geettting used for exercise… they HAVE to… LOOK at what he’s doing now! How does that have anything to do with fitness? ‘yes we call this the totallynot-having-butt-sex, honest’ exercise. Do 300 reps. then clean up.”

  12. Thank you wonderful offbeat people πŸ™‚ I knew I loved this group for some reason πŸ™‚ This totally made my night!

  13. HAHA!!!! HOLY CRAP! Today our “Iron Gym” got this kind of workout and I was thinking . . . Damn, is anybody else doing this! IT IS AWESOME!!! LUVIT πŸ˜‰

  14. The best is buying a dog collar at the pet store, having the cashier ask if you have a new puppy…then you can look her right in the eye and say, “No, it’s for my girlfriend.” (My hubby got to say this to a clerk when we first started dating!)

    Most of the exercise equipment mentioned is also sold on “naughty” websites/stores…for more money. Buy the wedge pillow for “sleeping” and save money!

    Finally…does ice cream and cool whip count as a pervertible?

  15. I live in a yurt. Which also doubles as a very versatile pervertable. So many tie points…

  16. haha my ex got almost all his ‘equipment’ from the hardware store. Real kinky ppl know how to MacGuyver it better than Richard Dean Anderson.

  17. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this post before – and I apologize for being late to the party, but no one has mentioned this and I can’t believe it – EXERCISE BALL. Y’know, the big round bouncy ball that some people sit on for good posture or core strength or something? Anyway, we have one and we find it to be a good/fun prop. I mean, it takes a little more energy and coordination, but is a good way to mix up positions and angles. When we’re not feeling lazy about it.

  18. hello all
    am new to all this, (sort of) but as im single at the moment i am dying to try it out with the next lucky fella that graces my doorway :-)) any more tips for me? xx

  19. wow, this post has me thinking! me and the misses don’t do a lot of “freaky” stuff, but i know we are both willing to try some new stuff! we have a vib or two and a dildo, all of which does not get much use, and a set of wrist and ankle straps that came with a blind fold that have never come out of the box! i know i don’t really know what to do with any of these things! (we also don’t have a whole lot of time for any extracurricular activities with a 6 month old daughter and working complete opposite schedules!) this post really makes me want to experiment!

  20. WOW! I’m glad i wasn’t the only person thinking this. Combine this with resistance bands and you have yourself a complete workout.

  21. A friend of mine and i were gonna use this for a cosplay photoshoot once. sadly she couldn’t make it to the con last minute. but the plan was to put this in a door way of a con hall and hang me hog tied from the door frame.

    it’s a scene from one piece in impel down. she was gonna be ivankov and i was sadie-chan

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