Pervertible: my exercise equipment’s sexy secret use

Guest post by Ms. Elizabeth


Oh lord, I hope my father never reads this post, or else he’ll find out that he gave my partner our favorite pervertible without even knowing it.

See, my partner and I discovered that this gifted and mostly unused chin-up bar, is actually an incredibly useful bedroom device. It’s called the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar and whoo boy is it EVER a “total body” workout, if you know what I mean.

How? Well, use your imagination…

  • It’s like having a swing attached to the ceiling, without having to install an ACTUAL swing on your ceiling.
  • For the BDSM crowd, this little thing is perfect for tying up your partner in a standing position for whippings and all kinds of fun teasing.
  • For the couples that wanna do it standing up in all sorts of positions, this thing helps you get leverage.
  • You can lift yourself up and put all your weight on your partner, without actually putting ALL your weight on your partner.
  • Your guests will never know that the chin-up bar hanging in the door frame is giving you guys a workout… in a different way.

UPDATED TO ADD: click here for stick-figure illustrations.

And to top it all off, it actually is a great workout! Oh, and these chin-up bars come in all shapes and sizes for all door frames, and they don’t have to be screwed-in to be screwed on (instant rimshot).

So, tell me, what are YOUR favorite innocuous items that do double-duties?

Comments on Pervertible: my exercise equipment’s sexy secret use

  1. So glad to find out that I’m not the only ‘pervert’ who has thought of these kind of things. Please keep posting more ideas. And other websites for visuals!!! THANK YOU ALL!!! OXOXOX Sending hugs and kisses to everyone.

  2. I know someone who’s pretty openly into bondage (has a leather pride flag hanging in his window, bed frame was specifically built with tie points, etc) and he’s got one of these in his apartment I’m pretty sure I know what it’s really used for 😛

  3. This is an awesomely unique, cool, and creative site. “I love the way you think”, can be said about many of you.
    Soft bristle make up and paint brushes are great for massage, tickling, and teasing…especially if one of you is tied up…cuCUMbers, carrots, bananas, and various other fruits and veggies… spatulas, spoons, turkey baster, bottles of different sizes, shapes, and thickness, etc.
    keep the ideas cumming people!!!

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