These 12 pretzel home decor items are making me thirsty!

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If that sauerkraut post made you hungry for German food, then let’s just round out our “German food day” with this ode to pretzels…

pretzel bed spread and home decor

It all started when I saw this (now sold out) duvet cover on Modcloth. I don’t know why… but I love it. I mean, I love pretzels, especially the big soft kind (you know, the kind that you get at sport game events) with the large salt chunks, topped with mustard — omg! But I never thought that I’d love them on my bed spread… or as a theme in home decor in any way, pretzel shape, or pretzel form.

But I was wrong! This stupid wtf-ery of a duvet cover makes my everything right now.

So it made me think… what else was I missing out on in the world of pretzel home decor? Turns out… quite a lot.

pretzel pillowOkay, is a pretzel bed spread a little too much for you? That’s cool, Modcloth has a pretzel pillow for just a little pop of pretzel in your room.

Pretzels Making Me Thirsty MugAny Seinfeld fans in the house? You can drink water out of this mug when those pretzels make you thirsty.

Chocolate Pretzel Microbead PillowWhat if you want a little sweetness with your pretzel decor? Iscream makes a Chocolate Pretzel Microbead Pillow!

German Soft Pretzel Decorative Craft Trinket Metal Tin BoxI just love the description of these pretzel tins: “The lid is printed with a fun design that expresses you just so and [the top] comes off easily to reveal a small space to keep your cool stuff. It’s simple, but perfect.”

pretzel clockThis is called the George Nelson Pretzel Clock. I guess it’s vaguely pretzel-esque?

Soft Pretzel Diagram Floursack TowelTHIS is the pretzel hand towel that you’ve been looking for! Guys, I love that we live in a world in which this exists.

Shepherds Pretzels Wood Vintage SignCombine your love of your two favorite German things — shepherds and pretzels — with this vintage wooden sign.

pretzel arm chairThis is called the Pretzel Arm Chair, I can see why… it’s a pretty delicious modern design.

I Love New York Pretzel Pillow Do you love New York? Do you also love the pretzels of New York? Then you’ll love this I Love New York Pretzel Pillow!

Melamine Pretzel BowlMelamine pretzel bowl… so you’ll always know which bowl is for your pretzels?

soft pretzel wall decalAnd finally in the “why the fuck would you want this on your wall?” department: The soft pretzel wall decal.

Comments on These 12 pretzel home decor items are making me thirsty!

  1. Really? Pretzels with mustard? I live in southern Germany, the home of “Brezeln”, as you spell it here. Normally you order it with butter, on the soft part which is cut horizontally in the middle…
    I’m always very impressed if I read what people think is “typical German”.

  2. Ready, here’s my claim to fame. My boyfriend and I once spent a week at Disney World and, in an effort to save money, survived entirely on soft pretzels. I regret nothing. We obviously need these

  3. These themed decor posts are my favorite! Keep em coming! I’ve been planning (or at least harboring a Pinterest board) for a shark-themed bathroom.

  4. I’ve spent a significant portion of my day pondering where to put the emphasis in that sentence.

    The pretzel wall decal is amazing, random and I don’t know if I hate it or if I need it very badly.

  5. I, too, adore these themed decor posts! The sloth on a shower curtain made me happy for days, but they’ve all been fantastic.

    And pretzel-wall? HOLY BALLS. I echo Dootsie Bug’s sentiments.

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