Collect and display postcards from your travels over your bed

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When we featured Wendy and Drew’s modernized Brownstone, the thing that really resonated with a lot of the Homies was their great postcard “headboard” display. Or as Wendy explained:

We’ve collected postcards from all the trips we’ve taken together and framed them above our bed as a sort of travelogue headboard.

It’s super easy! Just buy frames that are the same size as the postcards — I like the Versa Frames from Crate and Barrel. Then do some measuring before you hammer and hang (I spaced and measured on the floor). If you can hang a framed poster on the wall, you can do this.

Of course this could work as a fantastic and super personal art display ANYWHERE in your home! I’m totally going to start collecting post cards now.

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  1. I knew I collected postcards for a reason! love this! yay!

    years ago I saw a home where in their stairwell they hung postcards at different heights. I’ll have to look for that link. hmm.

  2. If the idea of framing and hanging multiple works is daunting, you could always get a larger frame, space postcards evenly in it (with some sort of backing–white paper, even), use those little picture corner holder thingies to hold your postcards in place, and frame them all together. May not have the same visual impact as individually framed ones, but it could be an approach for the measuring/hanging impaired (or the lazy–hanging groupings, to me, anyway, is always a nightmare!)…

  3. Love this idea! Perfect timing too. We are getting ready to move in a few months, and one of the things I’ve most been looking forward to is getting a new bed frame.
    It is a great way to document travels and create personalized decor! I got married a few months ago, and luckily have some postcards left over from our honeymoon. It will be fun to add to and then look back on the places we’ve been together.

  4. Loved this idea back on the original post! So cute 🙂 I want to do something like this with the postcards I have! Looks great! I also really like that San Francisco poster as well. What a classy bedroom full of memories 😀

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