Holy shit, this single use appliance: The pizza box pizza oven!

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I’ve already shared with you my favorite single use appliances — the ones that actually seem amazing and useful AF. Now it’s time for “holy shit this single use appliance!” In which I share with you this ridiculous single use appliances that I can’t believe exists:
The Pizza Box Pizza Oven!

It’s seriously a pizza oven that looks like a pizza box!

The Cuizen Pizza Box Oven combines top and bottom heating elements with a rotating, non-stick pan bottom. It can cook up to a 12-inch pizza — either fresh or frozen pizzas, including rising crust! This thing is a modern freaking marvel.

And based on the reviews this thing doesn’t just look cool, it’s actually a really great product! I love this review from “Kurt” — who shows that this may be MORE than just a single use appliance:

I originally bought one as a wedding gift for a friend and after I opened the box to wrap it, I couldn’t help myself, I had to try it. I tried it, I kept it and ordered another for my friends.

I’ve since bought 5 of these for gifts, I love it that much.

I found if I put in some aluminum foil in the pan, I can cook Fish n Chips, pizza bites, mozzarella sticks, chimichangas, Taquitos, shoot, I can cook most anything in this oven that I can cook in my convection microwave or big ole oven. (And less cleaning and less heat — the microwave in convection mode is pretty hot.)

As you can see by my pics, you can load up the ‘za with a bunch of things, if you prop the lid with a WOOD spatula or some other FIRE SAFE type of device. The heating elements are at the hingepoint (back) of the oven and not in the front so using a WOOD spatula type of device to open the lid a bit (when it stops spinning, you’ve gone too high.) enables you to load up your pizza with your favorite toppings.

Get this now, they make a great Xmas present!

In other “holy shit, this single use appliance” news:

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