Snarky cats, ninja squirrels, and fish poop art are just a FEW of the reasons why Pithitude will be your new favorite Etsy shop

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Eye Punch Cat Coin Purse
Eye Punch Cat Coin Purse

Our latest sponsor Pithitude is designer and illustrator Tamara Kraft’s outlet for her whimsical and deviant sense of humor. We all get to reap the benefits of this outlet-in-the-form-of-an-Etsy-shop with super-awesome goods and gifts!

Can I be more specific than “super-awesome goods”? Hell yeah. What about ninja squirrels, cursing ostriches, and coffee fish poop (it’s sweeping the nation)?

You’ll see all these things and more as I introduce you to my new favorite Etsy shop…

WTF ostrich drawstring bags.
WTF ostrich drawstring bags.

Tamara Kraft‘s designs start out as modest colored-pencil drawings, sketched in a karaoke bar, while her husband serenades her. Then they are digitally edited on a laptop under the supervision of her Poo-Chi to eventually become the wickedly cute mugs, t-shirts, gift bags, wall art, coin purses, magnets and buttons of Pithitude.

“Coffee makes me poop” wall plaque.

Many of the most popular designs in Tamara’s Etsy shop were inspired by customer requests, and every item in the shop can be customized for you. Got an inside joke that only you and your BFF understand? Something that makes you laugh, reminds you of a hysterical memory? Thanks to Pithitude, you can now own it, wear it, drink from it, keep your cash in it, or hang it on your wall.

Ladies 3D glasses t-shirt.
Ladies 3D glasses t-shirt.

All printing, pressing, and shipping is done in Tamara’s Spokane, Washington home studio. Pithitude‘s products are not mass-produced, but made-to-order with personal service. A service so personal that she’s offering a special discount to our readers…

Homies can use coupon code “OFFBEAT” at checkout to take 15% off of your purchase!


Ninja squirrel mug.
Ninja squirrel mug.

Had a bad day and need a snark fix to cheer you up? New Pithitude designs are added each week — so hit that heart to add to your Etsy favorites or follow Pithitude on Facebook! But for right now, come hang out in Pithitude’s online shop for a quick laugh and a discounted purchase or two.

Comments on Snarky cats, ninja squirrels, and fish poop art are just a FEW of the reasons why Pithitude will be your new favorite Etsy shop

  1. OH and BTW the quality on ALL THESE THINGS ROCKS! I just got my shirt, my sexy copper necklace and all my magnets and I can change my mood! My shirt, OMG… IT IS AMAZING the quality is so good. And my little coin purse?? OK seriously I am not getting kickbacks, it rocks. LOL Now to order CUPS!


    eta: your lists of “things that will fit into bags of this size”? genius way to describe volume. BRILLIANT.

  3. Ahhhh! Emu bags! Okay, I know they’re listed as ostrich bags, but they look like emus to me and I love them so much!! (I might be a little excited by the discovery of this Etsy store…or maybe, I had a little too much coffee today.)

  4. I can personally attest to the awesomeness of this shop!! LOVE LOVE LOVE every single item that Tamara has created for me; From my changepurse that says: Yarn Stash, to my bank that says: “saving for more yarn”….to the mug I gave my husband that says: “I love you more than yarn; absolutely everything is PERFECT!!! Thank you Tamara for all the work you do to keeps us “nuts” happy!! ((hugs))

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