Pi-inspired kitchen backsplash

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Photo courtesy Celebration Generation.

Happy Pi Day, Internet! The day on which we appreciate the number which has so enriched our lives. The number which remains the only thing I remember about geometry class. Pi!

These homeowners used pi as the basis for creating an out-of-the-ordinary nerdy backsplash. They’ve also got a whole list of pastry-related Pi Day links lined up.

The way I see it, there are three ways to celebrate Pi Day: with math, with pie, and with pizza pie. I don’t need any more convincing than that to observe this silly holiday. Happy Pi Day, Internet!

Where my nerds at? Anyone baking a pie today?

Comments on Pi-inspired kitchen backsplash

  1. I’ve been meaning to try making a 3-pie dinner for a while now – these little vegetable pastries as a starter, chicken and mushroom pie for main and apple pie for dessert. Maybe today is the perfect time to actually get on and do it?

    Or maybe I’ll be less ambitious and just go make a sweet potato pie instead.

  2. I was gonna make a pie and bring it in to work tonight, but then realized I don’t own a pie pan yet. Curses.
    Still considering running to Walmart for a graham cracker crust and key lime juice.

  3. Thanks for sharing our nerdy tile backsplash project!

    So many aspects of our post-tornado experience were with formed or influenced by the fact that I’m a nerd, and my husband is a geek. I wrote a book about the whole ordeal

    (adventure?), Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir.If you’re interested in more of the mindset and decision making that went into this project – and all of the other weirdness and geekery that resulted from the tornado – I invite you to have a look: http://www.celebrationgeneration.com/twisted.

    Thanks again!

    Marie Porter

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