Snap a photo of a house to learn everything about it

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When we were searching for a house, Zillow was a GODSEND. It makes so much relevant housing data available at your fingertips. But I’ve found something even better: HomeSnap — an iPhone app which uses GPS data, combined with the nifty hardware inside your smart phone like readings from the gyroscope and accelerometer, to give home shoppers instant access to data on a neighborhood, a home’s value, its trending value…all based on a photo you snap of the house.

I think the coolest part is that it saves your old searches — and keeps updating information! So if you have several houses you really like, tracking their relative worth and keeping them close for easy comparison seems super useful.

How have you used tech in searching for a new home?

Comments on Snap a photo of a house to learn everything about it

  1. I’m wildly thankful at this moment that I have a dumb phone. I wonder about property values ALL THE TIME, so I just know I’d be constantly snapping pictures of strangers’ houses.

    That said. What an awesome tool for people looking for new homes.

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