Oscar party food ideas for your awards show parties (or just your next Netflix binge)

Photos by: Bijoux & Bits
Oscar party food ideas from @offbeathome #oscars #party
Photos and recipes by Bijoux & Bits

This coming Sunday is the king of movie awards shows, The Oscars. Will you be watching or has the string of wonky host gigs (or lack of diversity) done you in? (Don't worry, Chris Rock's opening monologue isn't likely to be boring, at least!) Either way, we've got a few festive Oscar party food ideas to pepper your party table.

Pair these with some of our other party recipes, party ideas, and even a gut-busting Oscars bingo game for good times for dimes.

Oscar party food ideas from @offbeathome #oscars #party
Spicy apricot slow cooker meatballs

For a kick of heat and a lot of sweet, try these Spicy apricot slow cooker meatballs. Stick a toothpick or some mini forks to make them seem MUCH shmancier than they actually are.

Get the recipe here.

Oscar party food ideas from @offbeathome #oscars #party
Glittery chocolate-covered pretzels

For a crunchy dessert that pairs salty and sweet, these glittery chocolate-covered pretzels are a win. Working with sprinkles is never unfun, either. Plus, they kind of look like magic wands!

Get the recipe here.

Oscar party food ideas from @offbeathome #oscars #party
Champagne Jell-o shots

What's a fancy Oscars party without a little bubbly? Take the class down back to our level by serving your sparkling wine in the form of bad-ass Champagne Jell-o shots. Make a just-as-fun mocktail version with sparkling cider. Hell yes.

Get the recipe here.

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