I'd hate to just throw away or donate a bra as cute as this one. But what are my options!?
I’d hate to just throw away or donate a bra as cute as
this one
. But what are my options!?
I normally wear a bra until it’s dead, but thanks to travelling round Asia with a different diet, routine and well… intestinal parasite, I’ve lost a fair bit of weight and my boobs were the first casualty.

When I get back I’m going to need a new wardrobe and I’m sure I’ll be dropping off a lot of stuff at charity shops. But… can I do that with bras?

Would you buy a second hand booby wrangler? What do you do with bras that are okay, but just don’t fit you anymore?Jess

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  1. This isn’t as kind as donating but you could re-purpose them if you’re into sewing. Instead of going out and buying strapless bra’s I just either take the straps off or cut them off and sew the cups into a dress. It’s nice because I can wear a dress and not worry about straps. It’s especially great for backless dresses.

  2. Actually, since your weight loss is due to a new diet and illness, I’d hang onto them for a couple months. You may gain the weight back after you return to your normal routine!

  3. I would and have bought used bras. I have three daughters and as our sizes fluctuate, we tend to just pass bras back and forth. I never sell them, though, as we tend to wear them until they’re in shreds anyway 🙂

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