Geeky family bumper stickers: Star Wars, cthulhu, Doctor Who (and even one for the proudly child-free!)

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Pictured: AT-AT family.

I know, I know: family-themed bumper stickers? Really?! REALLY.

I was cruising Etsy for a bumper sticker that reads my other car is a TARDIS when I fell headfirst into Kelly Creation Decals. While Kelly does indeed have the sticker I was looking for, she also has a pretty amazing collection of family-themed bumper stickers that I think many of you will swoon over.

Pictured: Darth Vader family, Tardis family, and Mario family.

I mean… how cute are these? Look at those bows on the two TARDISes!

Pictured: Super Mario family, Cthulhu family, and No Kids Just Money.

Of all the stickers in the shop, none of them cracked me up like the No Kids Just Money sticker — especially its description: “Are you and your spouse saving your money and not spending it on diapers, toddler shoes and college? Want to shove it in that family of 6’s face? This is the sticker for you!” Face shoving aside, it’s pretty LOL-worthy.

Comments on Geeky family bumper stickers: Star Wars, cthulhu, Doctor Who (and even one for the proudly child-free!)

  1. Hah! No kids just money-that is so us 🙂 (we also don’t face-shove)
    I had thought of getting fur baby family stickers. Husband, me, and two kitty faces for our cats. That may be too much though.

  2. These are great. I’ve seen some zombie ones around the city I live in, those are awesome too.

    Personally I wouldn’t use them, but I AM tempted to buy a lady sticker with 12 cat stickers to place next to it 🙂

  3. HA! I immediately send the “No kids – just money” to my husband, as he always comments on the family stickers when we drive. fantastic!

  4. Yeah, not so wild about the little bows on the TARDISES (and the Cthulhu).
    IF I were to assign the TARDIS (the one we’re most familiar with) a gender/sex, it’d definitely be female! So if at all, you’d need a way to specify that some of them are MALE. But the male=neutal female=variation from the norm, thing strikes again…

    not that these stickers aren’t all pretty great otherwise!

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