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Gift your friends an early start on festival gear with these dried flower crowns

Over on Offbeat Bride, we featured a whole slew of fanciful dried flower crowns for weddings that can easily be worn every day, at closer-than-you-think spring and summer festivals, and wherever you like. Like, sitting on your couch eating cheesy poofs looking magical AF. Here’s a quick preview of some of my faves…

BDSM gone refined: this classy kink gear is sleek AF & your partner's dream D/s gift

BDSM gone refined: this classy kink gear is sleek AF & your partner’s dream gift

In the BDSM and kink communities, the search for elegant and lovely accessories can be a little limiting. There’s a whole lot of clunky and less-than-delicate options for D/s jewelry, collars, and leather. Thankfully, we’ve got a connection that offers high quality, classy kink gear handmade from fine-as-hell materials for the discriminating D or s. It’s time to get to know Restrained Grace, a woman-owned kink gear and jewelry provider that takes everything up a notch.

It’s Back to School shopping time! Check out elephant backpacks, rainbow lunch boxes, and more

Y’all ready to GET EXCITED about colored pencils and snap rulers?! This list is chock full of all kinds of goodies — elephant backpacks, reusable snack bags made from organic cotton, and OF COURSE many a colorful, bright, or otherwise delightful back to school accessory.

Geeky family bumper stickers: Star Wars, cthulhu, Doctor Who (and even one for the proudly child-free!)

I know, I know: family-themed bumper stickers? Really?! REALLY. If your gang of related comrades is at all nerdy, get ready for a feast of family-themed nerdery to the extreme.

Baby Leg Warmers for your offbeat babe

I actually own 2 pairs of these from knottybabywear and all though my baby isn’t crawling yet, I can attest to them being well made and adorable. They are leg warmers, but they are for more than just lookin’ cute. When your baby starts scooting around the house, they are great for keeping those soft […]