Use a spoon as a plant marker AND alleviate stress at the same time

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Thai BasilThanks to Joker Venom for uploading this photo to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool AND for letting us know how this was made!

If you want to use old spoons as garden markers, just follow these three steps:

  1. Buy silver spoons from thrift stores. Silver spoons are WAAAAAY easier than stainless steel. I gave up on stainless steel after cracking several cinder blocks trying to get one (ONE) spoon flat.
  2. Smash them with mallet or sledgehammer on concrete. (Optional: Use of towel or scrap leather to protect spoons from scratches. I used an old leather wallet) THIS IS HARDER THAN IT SEEMS!
  3. Use regular hammer to stamp the letters. Letter stamps can be purchased on Amazon. They’re pricey but I craft a lot so I figured they’d get some use.

Pineapple Sage

Bonus side effect of spoon markers: Smashing the hell out of those spoons is a great way to vent any pent-up stress!

Comments on Use a spoon as a plant marker AND alleviate stress at the same time

    • I have no idea if this is a universal thing but I’ve seen a lot of stainless steel spoons that actually say ‘stainless steel’ on them somewhere, whereas silver ones have those tiny incomprehensible jewellery markings.

      • I can explain those marks! 😀

        True sterling silver is usually marked with 925 or .925, indicating the silver content of the piece. You may see 958, 950, 900, or 800 marks, which also indicate the silver content. You’re not likely to find pure silver pieces, but they would be marked .999 or “Fine”. Some pieces may be marked “Sterling” or “Ster”. Older pieces may be marked “SS”.

    • They will have a different feel and look- they may be tarnished like the top photo or heavier than other pieces. Often they will be stamped with “silver” or “silver plait”. I didn’t find any pure silver spoons, but plenty silver plait. One suggestion is to look at the smaller family owned thrift stores- for some reason I found that I had better luck getting the right silverware there, rather than the big ones.

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