The CD storage problem: what’s a music hoarder to do?

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Hey Homies,

My partners and I have a huge music collection that includes tons of CDs, vinyl and cassettes. I’ve been begging freecycle for CD towers, but nobody seems to have them around anymore, and even if I got some, they really only solve the CD storage problem. What’s a music hoarder to do?

We’re also on a really, really, tight basically nonexistent budget. We are a handy bunch and are pretty good at building projects, but still can’t think anything up that allows for collection expansion, and easy access. Any ideas? I’d love the help. Thanks so much!

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Homies, we know you have brilliant CD storage solutions. Bonus points for links to pictures!

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  1. My husband and I have a huge music collection and the best solution we’ve found is Ikea’s Billy Bookcase. Ikea also sells ‘CD inserts’ that just pop in and break each row into CD-size storage. We keep records on the bottom shelves, cassette tapes in boxes on another shelf, and we have the additional bookshelf ‘topper’ which gives us space to keep more fragile box sets, etc. Best of all – it’s a fairly inexpensive, nice-looking solution!

  2. Just how big is your collection, may I ask? My fiancé has well over 2,000 CDs and about a hundred records (and growing!)… So this was a problem when we got our first place together! We considered the Benno shelves for a while, but they weren’t for us (we’d need about 20 of them to cover most of the collection!) I think we got our cd shelves — which are MASSIVE — at Best Buy for about $130 each… but that’s probably beyond your budget! Ultimately it depends on how much storage you need, but the Benno may be your best bet. 🙂

  3. The house we bought a year ago was from an old old guy. He converted one of the rooms downstairs into a bedroom and built a giant awkward walk in closet between that that room and the bathroom (and put in a second tiny bathroom door from the back. It’s odd to me to have to close two doors to whizz, haha). His old bedroom is now our tv room and the closet we’re working on converting into a media closet. I’m taking down hanging bars and putting up shelving.. My hubs has been in the music business for 20+ years and we have a LOT, including CDs, vinyl, cassettes and even 8-tracks! Not everyone is blessed with as much space as us, but maybe converting half a closet would work? Shelves of media, top half, storage bottom half? Or hanging clothes top half, shelves (ooo, or roll out drawers?) for bottom half?

  4. For vinyl collectors it is all about the Expedit! It is actually what my fiance and I use for all of our entertainment storage (besides our CDs, those are on old Sauder towers that need to be replaced.) We have a 5×5 Expedit for our collection, a 2×4 for his inventory (he runs a small boutique record label) a 4×4 for our books and knick knacks, and made our own entertainment center out of two towers and a 2×4. I think they are reasonably priced ($70 for the 2×4, which for most people who collect vinyl is enough). As far as ripping anything to computers and throwing the discs away, that would never fly in my house. We easily own 2500 CDs and 800+records and counting!

  5. I download most of my albums from you tube and burn to disc but found a solution of how to store them
    get a pack of the plastic see through cd wallets and an A5 ring binder then using a hole punch punch two holes on the left hand side of the sleeve looking at it from the back and file in the ring binderwith the back of the wallet facing you but put the disc in the wallet showing the front facing towards you track lists can be written on 5×3 index cards and stored in the wallet with the disc
    i store mine in date order of when i burned them as i always write the date and burn speed on the disc along with the album title and group/artist and running time and as the collection increases all you need is another A5 ring binder and pack of plastic wallets works out cheaper than the commercially available cd wallets as the ring binder will hold more cds

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