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Check out this 1960 AirStream turned into a house!

Lookie what I just stumbled across… this is a 1960 AirStream that has been completely remodeled into a non-mobile mobile home, and then added on to! It’s for sale right now in Seal Beach, California. Yes, there is even a freaking fireplace. Holy crap, I’m in love with this “house.” Wanna peek inside the 1960 AirStream house with me?

From mod to modern: ’60s-era dresser makeover

Offbeat Homie Jessica — aka “Not Exactly Martha,” aka the mastermind behind that bishop chair makeover — uploaded her newest makeover to our Flickr pool. This photo is just a little teaser for the impressive bright and mod dresser update. Seriously, it’s impressive how a little paint can create such a drastic change such as this…

My dream house: a retro waterfront condo in Seattle

The good news is, I found my PERFECT home in Seattle! It’s a waterfront condo right on the Puget Sound with views to die for and some nifty retro touches. The bad news is, once again, it’s a total pipe dream, costing $440,000. But it’s fun to have dreams, right?

Wanna take a virtual tour of my imaginary Seattle home?

Europe on $5 a day

This is a trailer for a new book, released yesterday, called Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day. In it, author Doug Mack takes travel advice from classic travel book Europe in $5 a Day.

You can imagine how well travel advice from the 1960s has held up.

Not your auntie’s boring curtains: how about a glittery/retro window dressing solution?

All the curtains I can find are way boring. Where do you guys go for curtains?

I’ve thought about buying fabric and making my own, but I’d prefer not to. Also, when I say redo, I mean going from a “Hey, this is cheap and we can use it” to a “Hey, this is thoughtfully put together and really shows off the occupants’ personalities.” Which in this case is retro ’60s (him) and anything glittery (me).

So if anybody has any ideas or links to cool curtains, I would love you forever. But since this is the internet I think forever means like a nanosecond…whatever, I would be really grateful. -Christine

A boho-psychedelic outdoor lounge in upstate New York that looks ready for smoky all-night bull sessions

I don’t usually think “’60s mod” when I think “outdoor patio,” but Eve mashed up those two ideas to create a fashionable outdoor living room — complete with a daybed in all-bright colors.

A vintage snack: super-pink bathrooms from the ’50s and ’60s

Take a break with four obnoxiously-pink bathrooms, straight from the pages of the 1950s and 1960-era design mags.

For the Muppet-lovers in the house: a ’60s Kermit-green bedroom

I found this ’60s-era magazine clipping on Flickr last weekend — of a very Kermit-the-Frog-esque bedroom — and I’ve looked at it like, every day since. What would you incorporate from a vintage design?