Making an event out of moving in together

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Elizabeth could use ideas!

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After a year of dating, the girl of my dreams and I are moving in together. This will be our first time living with someone we are dating, and I was wondering if the Empire had any suggestions on ways we can make our apartment feel a little more special in the first few days?

Does anyone have any little rituals or traditions for the opening of a new door with a new key, or the first time you sleep in a new place? She’s not very mushy like that, but I am and she usually appreciates it when I think of a way to make a mundane seeming thing special.

What have you got, guys?

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  1. when my fella and i (technically) moved in together, we got the keys on 29th november in a snowstorm. his mum had just broken her hip and was waiting for a replacement so we went to visit her in hospital. we then went back to his folk’s place to pack his gear- as he was working away from 30th november! in one of the worst winters we’ve had for decades, i had to move all the stuff from my house- because i needed to be out before my rent was due- without him, while working full time and looking after his dad and niece, his mum once she came out of hospital, and helping them with their cleaning contract. once my house was cleared i had to shift his stuff too- as he was getting back on 23rd december and my brother was stopping with us from christmas eve…
    as we had no christmas deccys at all, i spent a lot of time on the phone discussing what he wanted. being helpful, the only answer i got was ‘a black tree’d be cool’. he came back from working away to find a black tree in the little yard by the front door, the front door covered in gift wrap, a tree in the kitchen, a tree in the living room, and a final tree at the top of the stairs. they would have been better decorated but my car failed its mot!
    unfortunately, al this overwork and stress and running round in a vest top in snow (because shifting furniture up 2 flights of stairs is warm work lol) meant that 2 hours before he got home, i started feeling ill. by christmas eve this was full blown flu and chest infection, so i can’t remember much more than the christmas trees! i’m pretty certain he had a curry with my brother but i was pretty much unconscious for the next 3 weeks…

  2. In South Indian culture, we usually boil enough milk for the number of people moving in on the stove (not microwave), add a little bit of sugar, and serve–it’s the first thing that should happen, so my family always made sure we had either the gas/elex hooked up and a saucepan and cups ready! I don’t ever feel right moving into a new place without doing this.

  3. We’re planning on moving in together and have had our finance approved to buy our dream house! We’re planning on planting a tree together and burying a time capsule underneath!

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