Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts they’ll actually use

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Parents can never have enough personalized mugs. Look, we don’t make the rules.

It’s so hard to shop for my immigrant parents, especially when it comes to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. They kind of come off as folks who…don’t like gifts? For years my offerings of flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped objects were met with “You bought me a gift? Meaning you spent money? Why would you do that?!”

Like many immigrant parents, mine have always been pretty utilitarian. For instance, they used the box of luxury chocolates I bought to store sewing kit essentials. So I’ve had to get creative with coming up with gift ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that I know they’ll actually use and appreciate. Vistaprint has been my go-to for creating useful, personalized gifts that aren’t just handy to have, but also spark joy in my minimalist mother and maybe half a smile from my not-so-sentimental dad. My favorite thing about Vistaprint is that all my photos and art look so crisp on all their products. If you’re uploading a photo as part of your gift, you won’t be disappointed!

Here are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts that I know my parents will actually use!

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Wireless Chargers

These personalized wireless chargers are a way more stylish alternative to the mess of cables on your parents’ desk! They’ve got a sleek design and can be customized with a photo. These wireless chargers are compatible with any phone that has Qi wireless. Some examples of Qi-enabled devices are: iPhone X, iPhone 11, and Samsung Note 8/9/10. It’s a practical and personal gift that I know my parents will use every day!

This wireless charger with Bosco the family cat looks way better than the 10 million phone cables on your parents desk.

Personalized Tote Bag

A tote bag is a useful gift that any parent can appreciate. I buy one for my mom each year and she uses all of them. You can customize them with a photo and a special message. If you just want a stylish print, there are tons of designs you can choose from, too!

Knowing my dad, he will use this personalized tote bag to store more bags inside. And that’s what I call a useful gift.

Photo Books

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If your parents are the sentimental type then you want to package this gift with a box of tissues. I made my mother-in-law a photo book using VistaPrint and she loooooved it. She even brought it to her friend’s house to show her!

Make your mother-in-law cry (in a good way) with a photo book.


Cozy = useful! Give your parents a pillow that’ll make them feel like you’re still living at home. Personalize one with an inside joke from the family group chat or a funny family photo. Idea: Screenshot a funny moment from the family group chat and put it on the pillow. It’ll make a great conversation piece for guests!

Cozy gift = useful gift! Perfect gift for the parent that has a jillion pillows on their couch.

Photo Calendar

Forget seasonal Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts! A photo calendar is a great way to gift your parent something they can use all year round. Literally. Vistaprint’s photo calendars come in all sorts of styles, from smaller desk calendars to wall calendars. Customize them with your favorite family photos or just fill all 12 months with pictures of yourself. No, it’s not weird! You’re their whole world!

Say I love you 365 days of the year with a wall calendar!

Etched Glassware

If your parents love entertaining, gift them customized glassware! Vistaprint’s got wine, pint, and can glasses you can personalize with their initials or a message. When their guests inevitably compliment their fancy glassware, they can pour themselves a thimble of whiskey and say “Oh, this thing? Yeah, my kids made it.”

Vistaprint also does wine glasses and can glasses!

Acrylic Photo Blocks

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Are your parents low on wall space? A self-standing acrylic photo block looks great on mantels and desks! These picture blocks are printed with full-color ink so your photos look great for years to come. Talk about a timeless gift!

There’s always room in the house for an acrylic photo block!

Photo Mug

Keep your parents caffeinated with a personalized photo mug they can smile at every morning. Or if they’re like my dad, they can also store pencils in it. Choose a favorite family photo or design and customize it with a personalized message!

We’re really digging the designs for these personalized mugs!

Custom Canvas Prints

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This screenshot from a video I made doesn’t even do this canvas justice! I loved how rich the colors came out on this custom canvas print and how the print wraps around the whole frame. Another quality gift for the sentimental parent in your life.

I made a canvas print of my sister-in-law’s favorite moments from our wedding day as a house warming gift.

Finally, personal and practical Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts!

Whether you’re looking for something they can use or something they can smile at, Vistaprint has all kinds of personalized gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Add your own offbeat touch to show your gratitude for the special people in your life. And hey, if it somehow becomes a place to store sewing kit essentials, at least they’re using it!

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