Monday Montage: erotic art and all-concrete bathrooms

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Welcome to the first post-full-launch Monday Montage on Offbeat Home! Last week we opened the doors to a trickle of registered beta users, and you helped us get even more geared up for going live. I’m ready to roll, are you? Here are some house-porny photos just for all y’all.

rainbow door

IMG_8851 One tiny flat with one massive clock - do you think it's too big? Abandoned Concrete Round House Blue Bathroom
Concrete Sink and Tub in Bathroom #2
Bucking Bronco sink Asteroids on the ceiling!
The Kitchen Sink, Mill Rose Inn's cozy kitchen, Half Moon Bay, California, USA

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Comments on Monday Montage: erotic art and all-concrete bathrooms

  1. That last photo reminds me of my dad’s house. It feels so welcoming with things that are old, but work. It’s a place you want to hang out in all the time making pierogies, drinking beer, and listening to Spanish music…oh wait…we do.

  2. Oh I know that rainbow door! There’s also a local landlord here (Burlington, VT; also not sure if this rainbow door is his place) who paints all his rental properties crazy colors. He has a pink one, I mean holy hot pink!, with green polka dots and a duplex where one side is like fuchsia with purple trim and the other side is orange with green trim, if I recall correctly. And these colors are BRIGHT!

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