Colorful urban photos of a San Franciscan family of two

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Melissa and her son Hai recently had their photos taken by the uber-talented Bowerbird Photography in San Francisco. They journeyed to Clarion Alley, an alley dedicated to street art where the murals are always changing. Photographer Ariel said that Melissa wanted somewhere colorful to shoot.

If colorful's what they wanted… I'll say they found it! All Photos by Bowerbird Photography.

When I asked for more info about the family, this is what I received:

My name is Hai and I got my mom, Melissa, on October 8, 2007 in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam. We have been traveling the world and growing up together ever since. Our home base is in Mountain View, CA where we share our time with our “tribe.” Our trips to San Francisco together are my favorite outings, especially if they include exploring cool alleys and getting noodles for lunch!

Y’all… just get ready for SO MUCH CUTENESS:

Ready to synchronize our awesome? GO!
Iron… like a lion… in Zion.
I'd like to do some cool dance moves here some day. I'm glad these two beat me to it.
This is how you walk and be adorable.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Hai and Melissa! These pictures are especially awesome because I am strongly considering become a single mother by choice in ten years or so. (I know that’s far in advance but I’m a big planner.) I’d love to hear more about your experiences if you’d ever be interesting in sharing more. 🙂

  2. Hi all!

    Hai and I had so much fun with Ariel taking these pictures. I’m glad you all like them.

    And yes, if you want to learn more about our adoption journey, I’m happy to share.


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