Gather up Thing 1 and Thing 2: it’s time for a Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party

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Let me tell you: I LOVE some Dr. Seuss. So I was uber stoked when Uzma, from Uzbin Photography, sent over this Seussian-themed birthday party.

Says Uzma: “My sister-in-law Sharmeen paired up with her friend Tumpa to throw an amazingly cute birthday bash for my niece Imani and her BFF, Zidan. What I absolutely loved about this birthday was how the moms made this an educational party while still keeping it fun for the kids. The kids were welcomed with a life-sized Dr. Seuss at the door, a treasure hunt, a little bit of story time and cupcakes topped with crazy blue hair (um, I mean cotton candy).”

All photos by Uzbin Photography, and those delicious looking cakes are by Saffron Cakes.


Something about these bags makes me squeal with delight. So simple, and so great.
I am a little bit obsessed with the Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts.
Pin the fish in the fishbowl? YES.

You can see even MORE birthday fun at the blog. If you want to also geek out, the duo recently snapped a few at Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

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    • sorry Megan can’t take credit for completing your life 😉 I made the hats, T.shirt, and did all the decorations..which saved major dollars!!!

  1. I know what kind of party I’m having for myself next year! (I’d do it for my son but he’s a Cars/Monster Trucks kind of kid).

  2. When I was little, my nickname was “Thing 1” and my younger sister’s was “Thing 2”. Such a great idea for a party!

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