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I was driving around with my friend Ashley the other day when she said, “Hey, this band would be awesome for Offbeat Mama.” And I was all, “DO TELL” and she told, and BOOM — I am now a Magic Kids convert.

The Magic Kids aren’t kid’s music per se — they’re just incredibly kid-FRIENDLY, which is a win-win as far as I’m concerned. It’s a little (a lot) poppy, kinda like The Beach Boys if The Beach Boys weren’t so…beachy. The band is from Memphis, which as many of you might know, isn’t exactly bordered by ocean.

Even if you don’t love it, your kids probably will, and it’s better than those CDs of kids singing kid’s music, right? Right. You should check out the song “Hey Boy” (preview it here), and then watch the video for their single, “Superball.”

The Magic Kids are on tour in Europe right now, and making their way back to the States in November. Chances are, they’re visiting somewhere near you, and on top of that, the show will probably be super cheap. It’s wise to go ahead and see them now, before they blow up into some kind of gigantic pop-happy bubblegum bubble and you’re all “Damnnnn, Magic Kids tickets are $40?! And I could have seen them for $5.” (note: I have no idea if it’s only $5 to see them right now or not)

Their album Memphis is $9.99 on Amazon, which is ridiculous (in a good way), so I’d be snapping it up if I were you.

Bonus video: they sang “Wheels on the Bus” in someone’s back yard:

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  1. Y’all might be interested in Wonderground Radio, an kids-friendly HD radio station courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio:

    Wonderground Radio offers the best music for kids and adults to enjoy together: Sesame Street to the Rolling Stones, Bunny Clogs to the Beach Boys, Laurie Berkner to Belle and Sebastian. Great kids music brought to you by The Current.”

    It is…THE BEST. You can also stream it online!

  2. I have to definitely recommend They Might Be Giants. I know that now they actually DO have kids CD’s and DVD’s out right now- but their regular songs are perfect for kids too. And I recently started listening to Tilly and the Wall after they did a guest spot on Sesame Street and they are great too. Instead of a drummer they have a tap dancer as their percussion. My 18 month old son goes CRAZY whenever we listen to them – and especially if we watch one of their music videos.

  3. Oh wow, can’t help but notice, those are my friends from college! Alice on vocals and tambourine, Katherine on sax. Good for them, gettin’ cred on my favorite mama blog 🙂

    Kimya Dawson’s Alphabutt is pretty stellar and hilarious for parents and wee ones. Full of funny lessons about sharing, caring, and of course, farting. Here’s one clip…

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