One hot, tattooed, restaurant-owning dad coming up!

Guest post by Sarah Crawford

There is no way to accurately describe just how awesome my husband is.

Is he perfect? Hell no. Does he still leaves dirty towels on the floor in the bathroom and rarely manage to put his dirty dishes in the sink? Hell yes. But that’s ok, because he’s the most dedicated and loving father to our son — more than I could have ever hoped or dreamt for. And? He’s hot. Win!

Hotness aside, I am in absolute awe of all the hard work and long hours he puts into our little restaurant, frequently sacrificing time as a family to make sure it stays running (and in turn, keeps putting food on our table at home). When he finally walks in the door at night, he always has the energy to wrestle around with our son – even on the days when he’s been on his feet for 12 hours and wants nothing more than to sit.

His childhood was less than ideal and he works hard every day to be the parent he didn’t have. I don’t think he realizes that he blew that out of the water the moment Cash was born.

When my dad passed away suddenly last year, he picked up the pieces of my broken life and carried all of our stress and worry on himself, allowing me to grieve in peace. I couldn’t have gotten through one moment without him. I’m so lucky that I not only get to call this man my lifelong partner, but also my business partner, best friend and greatest ally. I will never take him for granted.

Though…I wouldn’t mind if he picked up his towels now and again.

Comments on One hot, tattooed, restaurant-owning dad coming up!

  1. thank you. sometimes i need a reminder not to complain about the dirty clothes and dishes and trail of little black hairs from my husband shaving, especially when he’s the one working so hard to support us.

    and oh ya, holy hottness!

  2. I feel all these ways about my husband and then some. Hooray for EVERY good man out there who is loving, supportive, and taking care of his family and himself. We are quick to point out inadequacies (sp) but rarely do we praise. I SAY MORE PRAISE, because there are many men out there doing it RIGHT!

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