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Make your own paper, then use it for fauxidermy

I was taking a little trip back in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and found some crafty gold! One Homie upload a tutorial for how to make your own paper, and one Homie to covered her fauxidermied deer head with book pages. Keep reading to learn how to make all things papery…

A kitchen sink organizer made of antlers

I wanted to get the sponges and other scrubbing devices out of the sink and out of the way, in such a way that they would only drip into the sink while drying. Most of the organizers I’d seen were supposed to sit in the sink, taking up valuable sink real estate (I have a small sink). So I built this solution instead!

Fauxidermy: trophy heads without guilt

Oh man, I think I found something to top my wall-mounted shark headthis T-Rex trophy head from Think Geek FTW! Of course, this made me want to explore the wonderful world of faux taxidermy to see what other crazy animal “trophies” I could find. And boy-oh-boy, did I find some awesome shit.

Weekend challenge results: Team Cupcake vs. Team Unicorn

Last Thursday, we posted the first of what we hope will be many Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenges. We gave readers a choice of two DIY challenges: nerdy cupcakes with sanding sugar, or faux taxidermied unicorn heads.

Well, the results are in, and no surprise that they are fucking awesome! We’ve got tentacles, TARDIS blue EXTERMINATE cupcakes, a pet rat, and wait until you see the jackalope…

How to make a mounted jackalope out of a fur coat

Are you coveting the look of the taxidermy trend but don’t want to fork up the cash for a real antique? Tired of the limited selection of real animals? You’re in luck: today I’ll show you had to make a faux animal head from junk you have lying around the house and thrift store supplies.