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Here’s how to save money by making your own vinegar cleaning spray

If you’re going greener with your home cleaning, you’ve probably wondered about using white vinegar as a replacement for commercial cleaning sprays. You’ll also save a ton of money since water + vinegar is CHEAP. Here’s how to mix up your own vinegar cleaning spray at home that actually smells nice…

What are your favorite eco and animal-friendly household and beauty products?

Hey Offbeat Homies! My household has recently starting to make the switch to natural and non-animal tested products. Does anyone have some suggestions on your favorite products that aren’t hurtful to the environment or our animal pals?

Use soap to save money and escape the Cleaning Industrial Complex!

You know how you go into the cleaning aisle at the supermarket and there are about a thousand different products? You have products for your dishes, products for your floors, different products for the kitchen and bathroom, because of course, there are different kinds of dirt there…

These products might be very good at getting rid of dirt, but what they are truly excellent at is cleaning out your wallet.

So how can we do clean our homes without giving huge corporations money in exchange for chemicals and brainwashing? Well I’m writing this because I think I’ve found the answer…

What do we need know about dealing with a dust allergy?

My partner is seriously allergic to dust (yes, he takes allergy medicine, as well as daily medication for asthma control). What can the Homies tell us about their experiences with mattresses and allergies or about air purifiers and allergies? Are there any good products we should know about that can help us deal with dust and allergens in the home?

How to make your own Borax-free laundry soap

How to make your own Borax-free laundry soap

This recipe is Borax free, Naptha free, perfume and dye free, and about as gentle as it gets. It’s great for babies, people with allergies or sensitive skin, and doesn’t leave residues. Natural laundry soap is great for hard and soft water towns. And if you DIY it, it costs five times less than commercial detergents, and you can use less of it!

A kitchen sink organizer made of antlers

I wanted to get the sponges and other scrubbing devices out of the sink and out of the way, in such a way that they would only drip into the sink while drying. Most of the organizers I’d seen were supposed to sit in the sink, taking up valuable sink real estate (I have a small sink). So I built this solution instead!

The easy-peasy guide to restoring your silver and silver plated-pieces

I found this silver-plated Wallace Silversmith cake service set on Shop Goodwill, in the original case! Seemed a bit tarnished but totally salvageable. But how to tidy these up? Enter some simple household materials, and very little elbow grease.

Cleaning + chemistry: Where do you find your reliable DIY cleaner recipes?

I’ve seen all the usual DIY eco-friendly cleaning recipes floating around the great wide Interwebs, and tried out most of them. But I’m wondering… are they all really safe? For example, I’m kind of suspicious of the baking soda, vinegar, and castile soap chemical reaction that takes place. What are some reliable resources with DIY cleaning recipes that rely on real research about the actual safety and effectiveness of the recipes?