I need a lightweight, cost-effective stroller — what’s your favorite?

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There are about 100 million strollers out there. I am four-and-a-half months pregnant with my first baby and all I want is a “normal” stroller. All I see are giant, two lane, SUV type strollers that cost around $600. I just want something that will allow me to walk with my baby and maybe let me pick up some vegetables at the market. Something compact, affordable, and functional from infant to baby that won’t be hard to get up two flights of stairs to my apartment. Does this exist?

What are the strollers other Offbeat Mama’s are using that don’t require their own vehicle just to move them around? — Vivi

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  1. To be honest, I have got ours from a friend of mine for free, which makes me very happy! 🙂 but we can not have it in our apartament, as there is no room (42m), and we have to leave it downstairs, in the cellar. So, every time Ill be needing it, i should taka my baby, go downstairs, try to carry it upstairs, (no elevator) and take it outside. My solution? Manduca baby sling! You can carry your baby from 0 to 4 years with you, without needing a stroller.
    Grretings from Finland!

  2. Re: all the babywearing comments: I make big babies and couldn’t wear them much in the first few months b/c any extra weight made my sexy labor-induced hemmorroids worse. Not everyone gets them of course but I did. Twice.

    I wear my 24 lb 9 month old in an Ergo now but eventually my back hurts and it’s a relief to be able to put him in a stroller. Also, I have 2 kids so when we’re at the playground (where we practically live), it’s easier to let the baby chill in the stroller (where he can’t eat mulch) while I help my older child get on the swing or rescue him from a tall structure, etc.

    • have you tried the baby bjorn active? i want that one. it has lumbar support. i want to wear my baby, but both my mate and i have bad backs, and we were both bigger babies.

      • wrapping offers the most support for parents with back issuse because it is completely adjustable. try on lots of different carriers to find the best fit for you. A carrier that supports the baby from knee to knee takes the most weight off your back. and consider a hiking style carrier too.

      • Baby bjorn doesn’t go up to as much weight as the ergo carrier and offers no were near the same support. Like a good backpack hte ergo has good shoulder support and takes most of the weight on hips. My bub is lean but long so on the heavier side so I agree with Aly. I love the closeness of carrying him and I don’t realise the relief of putting him down until I put him down. Mum is lots more fun without so many aches and pains.

  3. i actually got one of those hefty graco $225 strollers on craigslist for $25! it will hold the car seat, and then down the road, the seat reclines. it’s big, but it was DEFINITELY the right price!

  4. My mom gifted me a BEAUTIFUL Graco travel system. It was easy to put together– easy to open and close, and the pattern was very cute— i KNOW it wasnt expensive because we cant afford alot, the pattern color (to help you google it) was called Spree.

    Hope you find your niche!

  5. I made a huge baby (10lbs 9oz at birth, and about 30lbs now at 17months) and I hardly ever use a stroller. I wear her everywhere, esp if it’s just a quick trip in and out of the store. On my back in a Beco, or wrapped for better, more even support.

    That said, I have The First Years Wave stroller, and it’s not TOO chunky. But I really didn’t use it nearly as much as I thought I might.

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