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A ton of gift ideas for your expecting friends

The problem with baby showers and registries is that you don’t know your baby yet and as novice parents you really don’t know what you are going to need. And you aren’t going to know whether or not your child will hate the really expensive bouncer that their grandparents purchase them off of the registry.

Stuff you guys love: temporary tummy tattoos, kid’s bike seats, and so many BOOKS

It’s no secret around these parts that I run a post featuring products from one of our many affiliates once a week or so. These posts are always an awesome way to share product recommendations and stuff that helps you navigate these murky waters we call parenting — the books posts alone are proof of that.

A robot stroller for nerd parents and their geeklings!

As a person who has been rammed in the ankles by so many damn strollers, I have developed a Pavlovian hatred of the damned things. Until I saw that Think Geek was featuring a freaking stroller. Really? A geeky stroller? I was dubious. But HOLY CRAP it’s awesome!

I need a lightweight, cost-effective stroller — what’s your favorite?

There are about 100 million strollers out there. I am four-and-a-half months pregnant with my first baby and all I want is a “normal” stroller. All I see are giant, two lane, SUV type strollers that cost around $600. I just want something that will allow me to walk with my baby and maybe let me pick up some vegetables at the market. Something compact, affordable and functional from infant to baby that won’t be hard to get up two flights of stairs to my apartment. Does this exist?

I’ll be traveling on mass transit with my baby — what should I keep in mind?

Does anybody have any extensive experience navigating mass transit with a baby (and everything that goes with the baby) in tow? I don’t want to become the woman with the huge stroller on the bus who all the other passengers hate!

Want free baby swag? Start hosting neighborhood baby swaps!

To start your swap, invite people with kids who are within a few years age of your kids. Invite pregnant couples, friends of friends with kids, neighbors, people from playgroup, etc. It’s ok if some people don’t have anything to donate — there is always plenty of stuff. I use Facebook events but any means you use to get the word out will do. I like to host our swaps potluck style, and I usually provide coffee, tea, and juice. But you know… mimosas might be fun.

Broken Phantoms: understanding visually identifiable and invisible disabilities

If there is any one particularly great experiential divide in the vast disability community, it may be that between the visually identifiable and the invisible disabilities. It’s the difference between a world of unwanted pity, and one of unwanted judgment.

All about my unexpected love affair… with the stroller

There Karla was, just sitting around, wearing her baby and minding her own business, and then…A STROLLER CAME INTO HER LIFE. Whatever could this mean?