An intimate representation of a celebration of life: my husband took my maternity photos and I love them

Guest post by Mel
All photos by Andrew Mark.

Ever since I was a teenager I always wanted to get professional shots when I was heavily pregnant, because I’ve always found the pregnant form to be absolutely exquisite. However, I was swamped under work for the last several weeks of my pregnancy which meant that I ran out of time and was unable to get a professional shoot.

Being the determined (stubborn) person that I am, I still really wanted to get some photos, because I didn’t think I’d ever feel so confident in myself again. I knew that at Easter we were headed up to my grandparents’ farm in Tawonga, a small country town at the base of a mountainous area in Victoria, Australia, and it is stunning country up there, so my husband and I brought our camera along.

We trudged out early in the morning when the lighting was best, found a beautiful old log and just snapped away for about an hour. I was pretty happy with the results, particularly given the amateur camera and photographer! We took a range of shots, some that I was happy to put on my blog and others that we’ll keep for ourselves. Whilst I do regret not being more proactive about a professional shoot, I love the shots we’ve got and in some ways they are better.

Sure, they may not be flawless images where I look like a goddess who belongs in a magazine, but they are an intimate representation of our quiet little celebration of life; just the two (three) of us in the gorgeous isolation of my childhood wilderness. My only real regret is that my husband stayed behind the lens, though that’s the way he prefers things so I respect that.

I really recommend to anyone if you don’t have the time or money for professional shots to get out and take some shots of your own — you may be pleasantly surprised with the results and years later you will most likely be glad you have them.

Comments on An intimate representation of a celebration of life: my husband took my maternity photos and I love them

  1. Beautiful! As a fellow Aussie, love the background with the bush* – looks very artistic & had I not read the article, wouldn’t have realised they were amateur photos!

    (*bush = Australian for forest!)

    • Aw, thanks! Nice to know the gym work pays off! 😀

      I absolutely think they are beautiful and I am very happy with them. I meant more that they are not ‘glamorous’ – no wind swept hair, no make-up, my ‘imperfections’ (e.g. tan lines and body creases) have not been removed. The only editing they’ve been through is we changed a few from colour to black and white. I’ve ended up loving them more because that’s exactly what I looked like.

      Thank you all! 🙂

  2. I think that the fact that your husband took the shots makes them even more special! My husband also chose not to be part of my maternity shoot (trust me, it was hard enough getting him to be in the wedding photos!) and I love that your husband’s presence is part of these photos! You look fantastic – the combo of undies, belly, and ass-kicker boots is FAB.

    • Thanks! I absolutely know what you mean – convincing my partner to get wedding photos done was a long, hard process, and probably only possible because my uncle was the photographer!

  3. I had my baby 3 & a half weeks ago. We got 16 hours warning that i was going in for a c-section over 2 weeks early so i didn’t have time to get professional photos taken. Hubby took some photos of me in the backyard & at our local waterfront the evening before. They don’t look anywhere as nice as yours unfortunately & after i had bub i realised i don’t have a single photo of hubby & i together with my bump.
    PS:I get so excited when a fellow Aussie pops up on here!

  4. Your pictures are so nice ! I can’t show them to my boyfriend who disagrees on my hiring a professional photographer and insists on doing the job himself :-p

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