When you travel overseas, you must take THIS

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Soon I am heading off on a four-month research trip to Italy. I need advice about how to pack up my whole life into two suitcases! My planning-every-detail brain is near imploding.

Two things are on my mind.

  1. I need a good capsule wardrobe, appropriate for six months of Italian weather.
  2. What single item would you not be without when in a foreign country alone for ages?


After you’ve packed your testicles-spectacles-wallet-and-watch-type stuff, what’s an unforgettable MUST TAKE OVERSEAS item for you?

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  1. Hi all – thanks again for all the great advice! I’ve now been away for two months (blimey) and I thought you might like to know how I’m getting on…

    Short story: it’s been great! Learned a lot, met a lot of people, loved all your advice on packing, which definitely came in handy.

    Longer story: I arrived on the day when Italy very suddenly started the coldest week it’s had in 30 years. Some towns had over two metres of snow; Rome was totally cut off. There wasn’t much snow in Venice, but it was crazy windy, and 8 below zero (Celsius).

    It was cold. I was unprepared. But you know what, I coped! Someone pointed me to the nearest Wilkinsons/Walmart type thingy, and I bought blankets, extra clothes, etc. I found H&M and bought more warm clothes. Lesson learned: you can’t prepare perfectly for everything!

    There’s been other stuff I didn’t bring that I had to buy (plate, bowl, spoon, tupperware for storing food), but all quite cheap and easy. I would say, freak weather apart, all the advice above on clothing etc is spot on!

    Thanks again!

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