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How travel gave me perspective on our media consumption (& the break I needed!)

Traveling gave me perspective on our media consumption (& the break I needed!)

It’s fun to travel outside of your own country, and sometimes it puts you in a whole new mindset when it comes to where you live, how you live, and how you consume information and media. We heard from photographer Casey Hendrickson after her trip to Italy, France, and England.

She shared with us some GORGEOUS photos and also a little wisdom on maintaining perspective on the current state of life in the U.S. and knowing when to take a step back for self-care purposes…

Prego! Traveling alone through Rome and Florence, Italy

I’ve had a history with anxiety and depression, and I’ve been struggling with the never-ending effort “finding myself.” I made a conscious decision to do things that scare me just a little and let life happen. I had some extra vacation days, and I was perusing flights online. The flight to Rome was so inexpensive that I had to buy it immediately. I knew I’d be going by myself, and I don’t speak Italian…

Our Victorian era-inspired European honeymoon of awesomeness in 16 countries

We wanted to go to Europe for our honeymoon. Since we had to pay for it ourselves, we started planning in 2010. We booked everything in 2012 after our wedding, and we paid it all off in 2014. Our trip included two cruises, a land tour of the UK, and two four-day stays (one in Rome and the other in Dublin).

Italian treehouse with the peekaboo bathroom

Sometimes I take virtual vacations via Airbnb, and often find myself in some of the coolest spots imaginable. This time I journied to the heart of Tuscany to find a treehouse called The Black Cabin with the sexiest bathroom shower stall setup I’ve ever seen.

When you travel overseas, you must take THIS

Other than my spectacles, wallet, and watch-type stuff, what can’t I miss when I move overseas?