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House guestTweeple! Tweeps! Twitterers! If you’re looking for curated people for you to follow, look no further! Here’s my list of home-related Twitter accounts the Homies might find value in.

Company accounts

  • Well, let’s start with making sure you’re following Offbeat Home on Twitter. We don’t just tweet about new posts.
  • Cool Tools publishes user-submitted reviews of useful tools. I’m a tool nerd. Love it.
  • DIYLife has both standard and more off-the-wall DIY project ideas.
  • Fiskars posts about their own (useful! readable!) blog, and tips/ideas about tools and homecare.
  • New Urbanism is all things city, all the time.

Empire tweeple

All the Empire ladies are people I’d follow on Twitter even if we didn’t work together. They’re just interesting accounts!

  • Megan is, of course, the Associate Publisher of the Empire, and manages Home and Bride. She tweets about the Empire and life in Los Angeles, she’s also very NSFW.
  • Caroline is our fabbo copywriter, who makes my writing look smart and checks our details. She tweets about travel and student life.
  • Last but not least, we have Ariel!

Just plain people

  • Helen Jane posts party tips, ideas, and recipe brainstorming.
  • My blogging buddy Amanda posts entries to her blog, DIY or Buy, and other housekeeping-related information.
  • Cooper the Photography Cat takes photos around his neighborhood.
  • Derek is our often-times plant blogger, and the purveyor of Plantgasm.
  • Beth pursues a plastic-free life.
  • Roseanne Barr has a new show — Roseanne’s Nuts. On it I learned that she’s living a very offbeat lifestyle — running her own farm/homestead in Hawaii.
  • The Survival Mom runs a blog about prepping.
  • And uh, in case you work from home and are also a Days of Our Lives addict, here’s DaysTalk. It’s a couple-run account which covers DOOL, every day.

What’s your favorite Twitter account dispensing home-filled tweets on the regular? Put them in the comments!

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