Get your own Hobbit hole for work or play!

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Photos courtesy Wooden Wonders.

Maine-based company Wooden Wonders is a family-owned enterprise which builds these EFFING ADORABLE Hobbit holes.

I mean really.

Some people even use them as way-cool chicken coops:

I’d just like to have a little reading room!

What would you use a Hobbit house for?

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Comments on Get your own Hobbit hole for work or play!

  1. A lovely summer home to ban my boyfriend to while he’s smokin’ the pipe weed and stogies. He has these great Gandalf-esque pipes that would be so well suited to these Hobbitholes.

  2. Ha! How timely. We have just started building our “hobbit house” dog house (slash kid’s house potentially in the future…) Now even more excited!

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