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Offbeat Home Hunters: The Maine character edition (or “other Portland” edition!)

We set out to find a cozy, three bedroom house in Portland (preferred) or South Portland, with a small but usable yard space. We weren’t afraid of a cosmetic fixer-upper, but wanted a structurally sound house. We both love all things old and all things character — moldings, built-ins, original details, and an overall cozy feel. So here were our three top choices…

Living in an off-season rental kicks ass!

I grew up in landlocked Tennessee and never even knew seasonal communities existed. My husband on the other hand, having lived on a few different islands, quickly brought me up to speed: vacation hot spots aren’t so hot when the temperature drops. This means for a little more than half of the year, us folks of modest means can live the high life. Before you go running for the coast though, here are a few things to consider…

Get your own Hobbit hole for work or play!

Maine-based company Wooden Wonders is a family-owned enterprise which builds these EFFING ADORABLE Hobbit holes. Playhouse, chicken coop, reading room — what would you use a Hobbit hole for?