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4 crucial steps for arranging the perfect au pair situation

Last spring I jetted off to Catalonia to work as an au pair and learn Spanish. In the end, my experience with my host family wasn’t the best. Now, months later, I look back and see it as a tremendous learning experience. I now have lots of worldly advice on what not to do before living with complete strangers. If I could do it over again, I would, without a doubt, take the following steps to prepare…

Summer drink inspiration: Mexican horchata recipes

Horchata is a cold Latin American and Spanish rice-based drink usually flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. Needless to say, it pairs really well with spicy Mexican food and is a great summer drink. But after seeing these Horchata-flavored cupcakes from Just Jenn Recipes, I went looking for more interesting ways to dress it up.

Learn all about Antoni Gaudi’s fantastical, organic, completely real architecture in a free YouTube vid

Antoni Gaudi is the guy who designed those incredible works of Spanish architecture: the Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia. Now you can spend over an hour watching a poetic collection of his work — for freeee!

A bitty Spanish apartment with BIG color and 19th century brick ceilings

In a post straight out of House Hunters International, we’re touring a 6th floor walkup in Barcelona. This place has it all: hardwood, Eames furniture, a European balcony and — oh. 160 year-old curved brick ceilings.

Get excited about building greenhouses, art that swears, and a trip to Spain

Happy Monday! Today we bring you a clock for math geeks, a motel where you can stay in travel trailers, lots of art and a peek at this week’s home tour in Spain.