I threw a party the other night (more details on that annual shindig to come later) and these three funky gourd votives made an appearance (thanks to my buddy Lisa of pumpkin cake fame). They got lots of compliments from party guests, so I thought I’d share this simple autumnal, Thanksgiving, or harvest gathering party decor idea with mah Homies.

First, choose the funkiest gourds or mini pumpkins you can find. My favorite is this wart-y one. Make sure they can stand up on their own — no one wants tippy candle holders.

Measure your tea lights and cut holes in the top of your gourd that are slightly larger.

Then pop your tea lights in and light ’em up. I’m not exactly sure how long they’ll hold up, but I’m going to keep them out and on display for as long as possible.

Comments on Make party-ready votives out of funky gourds

  1. Such a cute idea! I’d bet if you wanted them to last all year that you could buy some fake ones to hollow out. Do the real ones eventually dry out internally over time? I remember the lady at the farm stand where we bought ours saying you could use them year after year if you don’t cut them open…

  2. Scoop out the squishier insides (and use for soup/pie/toasted seeds if feeling ambitious!), varnish all the exposed surfaces, and add non-flammable filling as needed to prop up the candle? Not sure if it would work, but that’s what I would try.

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