Upcycle your old t shirts into baby bibs

Guest post by Rebecca
Photos and tutorial by Rebecca.

When my son was born, I had the biggest distaste for baby bibs. I hated how “babyish” they looked, yet I knew how functional they were for drool, food, and so on. So, I came up with an alternative: bibs made out of upcycled shirts! So much better. You can make these with either adult graphic tees or toddler button-down shirts.

What you need

To read the tutorial, head over to Rebecca’s blog!

Comments on Upcycle your old t shirts into baby bibs

  1. OK,SO CUTE! I totally want to make adult-sized ones for lobster/chicken wing/spaghetti night – or am I the only one who ruins all her shirts while twirling pasta/scarfing wings/cracking claws?

  2. Love love love! I might even get my husband to donate some of his holey-armpit shirts to the cause and get them out of his closet #bonus

  3. guh. now i am sad that i gave away my awesome tees i don’t wear anymore. still, i might have to do this with what’s left (’cause my babies are already so much more fly than me).

  4. Also a great use for thrift store finds that are too big/small/worn for regular wear but you love the design of.

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