Use Go Plates to comfortably eat at parties

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Homies! Drinking and nomming while party mingling just got easier with the mother fucking Go Plate. Check it out:

The Go Plate is the answer to mobile socializing. Hold your plate and drink in one hand easily, then eat, greet, and cheer with the other hand. They’re perfect for tailgating, picnics, outdoor concerts, street fairs and more. The Go Plate has a specially engineered center cone that accommodates glass bottles and aluminum cans, resting comfortably and snugly around them, and it has a specially designed ridge that can also accommodate standard 16/18-ounce plastic cups. To enjoy your beverage, you just lift The Go Plate off.

I’m glad they added the whole “to enjoy your beverage, you just lift The Go Plate off.” Because I was totally like, “how would I drink without spilling exactly?” Oh, duh!

Go Plates also come in a rainbow of colors, and in packs of 10 to 42, so no matter what size party you’re throwing, your guests can easily shovel food and beverage in their face without sitting on the floor, or all crowding around small tables, etc.

So what do we think — Go Plate: genius or invitation to drunkenly dump your food down your shirt as you take a sip of beer?

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Comments on Use Go Plates to comfortably eat at parties

    • These are very pretty, but it looks like the food would get all over the wine glass, unless you didn’t have a little tower of food like they show maybe?

    • I’ve used this type of player before at events I’ve been to, except more plate-like (less bowl and more space to make sure your food doesn’t get all over your glass).

      They’re pretty nice, but annoying for when you want to put your plate down because you need to remember to separate your plate and glass first.

  1. That looks like the kind of thing that would wind up as part of a sketch on SNL. It makes me laugh and yet I kind of want to try it 🙂

  2. If you added a straw to your beverage – problem solved, no lifting off, no tipping and spilling – just slurping and enjoyment and the added buzz of downing a beer through a straw!!

  3. “genius or invitation to drunkenly dump your food down your shirt as you take a sip of beer?”

    Why can’t it be both?

    Initially I had the same thought as you: “Yup, that’s gonna be genius… right up until the moment I forget to move then plate.” But then I decided that, regrettably, I ALWAYS have the option of wearing my food ( drunk or not ) but with the Go Plate’s excellent 3″ moat for the food, maybe I can spare the unfortunate souls around me.

    It’s win-win!

  4. Genius! Until you’re trying so hard to impress a girl that you forget to take the plate off. I’ll stick with my sippy cup cocktails and coffee table, thanks.

  5. We had these at a wine event I attended. They were awesome! The glass just slips through a little slot then rests so you can still have a free hand to snack and socialize. It was really neat.

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