What the float!? Pool sharks and other amazing rafts

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pool shark

Last year ’round summer time, I introduced you to my favorite pool float of all time — the inexplicable pretzel float. This year we have a new winner — the pool shark! Just gaze upon it, in all its see-through, metallic-bespotted adorableness. That look on that girl’s face? That look says, “fuck yeah, I’m gonna ride this shark.”

You know how much I love all things shark, so clearly I couldn’t resist sharing it with mah Homies. But that’s not where the amazing floaty things end.

Here are some more rafts that’ll make you say WTF (what the float)?

ice cream sandwich raftI don’t know what the hell is with people and rafts that look like food, but it’s a thing. Pretzels, donuts, and now the ice cream sandwich raft. And damn me if I don’t want this one too!

watermelon raftIn more floating food news, here’s a watermelon slice raft.

Toilet Pool FloatWhat with all the food-as-floats there are, why am I not surprised that there’s a toilet pool float (complete with video of a sexy man using it).

Celestial Perspective Inflatable GlobeOh look, you could also have the whole world in your pool.

moose raftDid you know that Swimline has an LOL collection of rafts? They come in moose, cow, and a pig with wings. LOL, I guess…

Smiley Face floatI love this smiley face float, because in my mind there’s nothing better to do on a summer’s day than to float in some crystal blue water, in the sun, on a big-ass smiley face.

Do your summer plans include floating of any kind? River floats? Pool parties? Weekends at the lake?… Ooh that sounds fun. Can I come?

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