Write your grocery lists with this ghostly pen and a signature stamp

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In college I worked in an art supply/fine pen/framing store, so I had to know all three. (You want a $900 Montblanc pen, old man banker? I will SELL YOU a $900 pen!) I got real snobby about pens for a while there, and good ones still catch my eye — like this pen listed for $50 in The Ghostly Store:

But this is no ordinary pen. The design updates the ancient tradition of hanko (a personal seal used for official documents) by combining it with a modern ergonomic writing instrument. Conceived by the renowned Naoto Fukasawa for Shachihata, the world’s leading stamp producer, the pen is brilliantly lacquered, flawlessly detailed, and perfectly balanced.

I love the idea of dashing off a note and then — STAMP! — signing it with my symbol. I’d love even more if I could choose the symbol. I’m thinking a rocketship would be the no-brainer choice. What would you have on your stamp pen?

Via Book of Joe.

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  1. I sign the first letter of my last name in a very particular way, so I’d probably call that my “mark”. I’m also synonymous with ladybugs to most people who know me well. Also, with “Dootsie”, so if I could magically fit that onto the stamp…

  2. I’d definitely opt in for a pen like that… though the stamp would have to be architectonic… Golden section maybe?

  3. Back in high school I started drawing a swan silhouette to seal my letters, I’d love to have that made into stamp.
    Swans have become a major theme in many different parts of my life so it makes sense to do so.

  4. I would have the picture of me that is on my Gravatar. It’s made by my BFF, Seagerdy, and I use it everywhere, even as my profile pic on Facebook. I looove it!

  5. On discussion with my husband, I may have to amend my original. It’d have to be a Rod of Asclepius smiting a velociraptor. Far more appropriate.

  6. I brought this pen from theghostlystore.com it arrived broken and haven’t had any luck getting them to replace it. so gutted.

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